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I’m obsessed with Rapunzel. Not just the Disney movie, but with the fairy tale in general. Now, this post is about Samson!Rapunzel, but it helps to also read my previous post about the fairy tale itself.

I’m obsessed with the leaked trailer that ran amok on YouTube back in February. The trailer isn’t done yet (so disregard the bad artwork), but the story seems, well…um…see it for yourself here. (Due to Disney policing YouTube, I unfortunately can’t embed any videos here. Let’s have a pretty picture instead!)

Rapunzel Concept Art

I Wish The Storyboard-Trailer Were This Pretty

I have several thoughts about the “trailer.” Actually the first is a point:

Point One We shouldn’t judge this “trailer” by its “art” or “music,” since neither are anywhere close to what the final version will be. This is all a mark up.

Thought One “Rinse Rescue Repeat” has to be the worst tag-line ever.

Thought Two Samson!Rapunzel’s hair looks like it’ll be the set up for many a cheap gag.

Thought Three Flynn looks *just like* Eric from The Little Mermaid. Seriously, Disney, how lazy can you get?

Thought Four I actually like Flynn.

Thought Five Certainly Samson!Rapunzel’s Shoulder-Lizard is very original. But whatever happened to the squirrel? Much though I detest the Disney cliche of Heroine + Woodland Creatures, I don’t know that a Shoulder-Lizard is the way to go here. Though it might do something to make Rapunzel something of an oddball, which I would welcome.


Warning! I am hereby titling this post The Attack of Samson!Rapunzel. Read on for more…

Finally, I get around to posting an update on Disney’s Rapunzel. As usual with Lit.Scribbles, this news is old news, but our analysis is all new! Haha…ha… right. Ahem. So, dear readers, have you heard that Disney is changing “Rapunzel” to “Tangled?”

Dear Readers: What? Gasp! No!
Dae: Yes!
Dear Readers: Whatever for?

Good question. See, “The Princess and the Frog” didn’t do as well at the box office as one might have hoped (if one were a Disney executive). Hence the title change. It’s supposed to appeal more to the young, strapping boys out there who don’t want to see yicky Princess-y films. Think it’ll work? Take a look at the teaser trailer…

Don’t tell anyone about my magic hair! It’s…got…powers! What does this sound like, folks?
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