Every Friday here at Lit.Scribbles is Fantastic Fairy Tale Friday! Yes Indeedy! Every Friday (or every Friday we feel like it) we post the text of a fairy tale which strikes us as particularly interesting. And not only do we offer the text…we also offer commentary on that tale. Little tidbits, you know, because we care, we care about you.

The goal of Fairy Tale Fridays is to present tales that you’re probably not familiar with, but are still important in the fairy tale canon. We might profile lesser-known tales from well-known collections, or maybe even dig up an author you’ve never even heard of. It’s all about adventure! Adventure, discovery, and beautiful, shiny fairy tales.

Tales are listed in Fantastic Fairy Tale Friday order. All tales are in English.

Friday October 3rd, 2008: The Peasant’s Clever Daughter., (Germany)

Friday October 10th, 2008: The Light Princess, (England)

Friday October 17th, 2008: Goblin Market, (England)

Friday October 24th 2008: A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings, (Columbia)

Friday October 31st 2008: The Selfish Giant, (England)

Friday November 7th 2008: The Snail Lady, (Korea)

Friday November 14th 2008: The Magician’s Daughter & the High Born Boy, (America)

Friday November 21st 2008: The Man Who Did Not Know Fear, (Russia)

Friday November 28th 2008: Lilith’s Cave, (Jewish, North Africa)

Friday December 5th 2008: The Candles, (Denmark)

Friday December 12th 2008: Anansi Wins the Stories, (West Africa, the Caribbean)

Friday December 19th 2008: Rhodopis (The Egyptian Cinderella), (Egypt, Greece).

Friday December 26th 2008: The Glass Dog, (America)

Friday January 2nd 2009: East of the Sun and West of the Moon, (Scandinavia [this version Norway])

Friday January 9th 2009: Viola, (Italy).

Friday January 16th 2009: The Bodhisattva and the Baby (Cambodia).

Disclaimer: The originals of the tales posted here are all in the public domain. The volumes from which they are taken will be specified in each entry. All translations were done by Dae Selcer (from German), or Caitlin Lenox (from French). Ergo, this is all totally, 100%, lawyer-happy legal.