About this Blog

Litscribbles is a fairy-tale blog! We blog about fairy tales in the modern world, about their classical form, about fairy-tale paintings, films, and sometimes we rant at Walt Disney. We also collect the latest fairy-tale related news and post it up for your enjoyment. Lit.Scribbles is also big on fairy tale interpretation and philosophy, so there’s a good deal of ranting as well.

There are plenty of great fairy-tale sites out there: Once Upon A Blog, for example, focuses on news; Sur La Lune has a great archive of fairy tales; and Les Bonnes Fees has fairy-tale fiction. Lit.Scribbles does a little of all of this (minus the fiction), but focuses more on in-depth textual analysis. It’s a scholarship blog, but with lots of exclamation points and slang.


Some Fridays at Lit.Scribbles is Fantastic Fairy Tale Friday, where we post the text of a classic fairy tale with related commentary.

Why Fairy Tales?

For this site’s manifesto – and a defense of fairy tales in general – as well as the rationale for why this site should even exist, please see our post In Defense of Fairy Tales



About the Author

Dae Selcer graduated from a teenytiny liberal arts college in Massachusetts, with a degree in German and an honors thesis about the Brothers Grimm and the Iliad (don’t ask). She currently lives in Việt Nam, where she teaches English and American literature, drinks lots of coffee, and generally geeks out. In a couple of years she plans to return to less-tropical New England and get her PhD in Comparative Literature. Dae also enjoys Star Trek. Probably too much.

Contributing Writers

Catie just got her degree from a small liberal arts college in Minnesota, where she studied French and Art History. She and Dae have been best friends since back when they didn’t even know about cultural studies *gasp*! When not reading Fairy Tales, Catie enjoys drawing, singing, and strumming the gee-tar. Her specialty is Charles Perrault.

Sammy the Magical Flying Pig is a purple flying pig (technically of the species “Candoo”) with blue ears. Sammy is Lit.Scribbles’ research specialist. His strengths include Google, and the lower shelves of libraries, since his wings aren’t quite strong enough to get him to the top shelves. Sammy enjoys tea – especially oolong – Tom Waits, Winnie-the-Pooh, and Ethiopian cuisine.

Note: the header image used for this site is copyright of Disney, from Beauty and the Beast. It is not mine. I believe it is legal for us to use, but if it isn’t (and if you are a legal representative of Disney) shoot us a line and we’ll take it down.