Because I live under a rock (this rock is called Ho Chi Minh City and it is very far away from Hollywood), I had no idea that a film version of Little Red Riding Hood is in the works. It’s called “Red Riding Hood” and it stars Amanda Seyfried.

Blog Reader: Great! Can’t wait!
Dae: Fiend, stay your excitement! I have *most sobering news.*
Blog Reader: Oh no! Whatever could it be?
Dae: Catherine Hardwicke is the director.

Yep. Twilight‘s director. So it should come as no surprise that the Wolf in this movie has been re-imagined as… a werewolf.

Twilight Movie Poster with Annoying Werewolf

If he shows up in this movie, I swear I'll have a stroke

But wait! There’s more! More pictures, I mean, and they are quite the puzzle. Here we see Amanda Seyrfried in the traditional Red Riding Hood getup:

Or not. Are those horns? What? Don’t get me wrong, messing with the storyline is not necessarily a bad thing. Could be interesting! I’m intrigued! But I am also wary. I mean, with all the other fairy tale film adaptations floating around, I’m worried that they’ll just get tired and sad. Or way too overblown. Which may lead to tired and sad.

If you want to see more pictures of Red, check out this photo gallery at Just Jared. I’ll post more as the film develops!