Ladies and Gentlemen, Dwarves and Elves!

We’re back. Again! From one of our long blog holidays we’re always having. Two things are of note today:

1. One of our readers made us aware of an interesting Little Red Riding Hood T-Shirt that’s floating around out there. It’s over at

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood: Caperucita Feroz

Rather wicked, no? The shirt is called “Little Ferocious Riding Hood,” and I do rather like it. It’s on sale for the next 11 hours, so go check it out while you still can!

Second: Catie is graduating tomorrow! And I am graduating…in three weeks. But! This means wonderful things, people: it means that there will be posts. Lots of posts. Especially in the coming year, when Dae will be moving to Vietnam to teach English and study Vietnamese folk culture. Want to learn more about Vietnamese fairy tales? Great! So do I!

Expect more in the coming days…

Laters, elves…