Sometimes it seems that this blog is dedicated to far too much Disney-stalking and Disney-bashing. Sammy! Take a note! Henceforth, we shall have more scholarly pursuits and less Disney-ness.

But! On to business. Since my (rather prolonged) absence from the blogosphere, much has happened with regards to Rapunzel 2010.

So what do I have for you? Two things: old concept art, and new news.

As far as I can tell, this concept art isn’t crazy new (or it would probably look more along the lines of the Fragonard style stuff that the concept art has led us to expect). But it isn’t as old as some of the stuff we’ve seen. Here’s the first taste:

Rapunzel/Prince Concept Art

Why yes, I do like your hair this way.

And here’s some more:

Rapunzel, Her Hair, and Corset

Rapunzel: She of the Tight Corset

And lastly, one that is from wayyyyyyyyy back, when the film was still “Rapunzel Unbraided:”

Rapunzel's Hair

How'd she get up there?

Now, onto some serious news. I am saddened to announce that Kristin Chenoweth is no longer voicing Rapunzel. Mandy Moore is instead. I’m…going to try to be a good sport about this. I can. Yes, I’m sure I can. Except I know that when I see this movie in theaters, I’ll be imaging Rapunzel saying – very “A Walk to Remember” of her – “I told you not to fall in love with me!”


But! Good news! According to Rapunzel’s Wikipedia page, Rapunzel is going to be getting an infusion of girl-power. So sayeth John Lasseter! Apparently, “this new interpretation of Rapunzel will be a more independent princess, and she uses her 70-foot-long hair for a variety of purposes, such as a whip, or a ladder.”

I like the way this is going! Hmmmm…and the Prince’s name is Flynn? This could be good, even if Mandy Moore is involved.