Dear Internet,

Yep! Litscribbles is back, and far more dangerous than ever! A lot has happened at FairyBlog HQ recently. Dae was in Germany, Catie was in France, and the both of them were too busy exploring the Wondrous World of Europe to sit at home in front of their computers. Good for us, sad for this blog…which has consistently maintained a surprisingly high hit-count, considering that we posted zip content this whole time.

However, all that is gonna change.

We’re not promising a flood of updates; after all, we are college students. College students writing theses. Dae is working on one about (what else?) the Brothers Grimm and Homeric Epic. Can a fairy tale collection be a deconstructed epic? Catie is tackling the TV show “Supernatural” and gender issues. Will they ever write a good female character on that show who doesn’t die a horrible death? So yeah…our time is limited. But our hearts are strong. There will be updates, even though they might not be super-frequent. So check your RSS feeds!

Here’s a little something (for those who are interested): Catie’s got an LJ for her thesis project! If you’re a Supernatural fan, mosey on over, read her thoughts, and share your own.

Here’s to our rebirth! Thanks for reading, and tune in soon!