The lovely folks over at Wonders and Marvels are having a fairy tale week, and want you all to join them! They have a delightful series of posts about fairy tales, and also some *giveaways.* Ah, music to a poor college student’s ears. Giveaways.

One post that I particularly enjoyed was Heidi Anne Heiner’s post (she of SurLaLune fame) about the Five Greatest Fairy Tales you’ve never read. Go check it out! I heartily approve of the list, since one of *my* favorites (The Peasant’s Clever Daughter) is among them.

Heiner’s list is awesome because it showcases tales that go outside the “stereotypical” fairy tale mode. I use “stereotypical” in *scary quotes* because fairy tales are more varied than we give them credit for; it’s their portrayal in mass-media that gives them a super bad rap. Folklore, people! It’s alive and it’s among us!