In 2004, Great Ormond Street Hospital (which owns all rights to Peter Pan c/o J.M. Barrie’s will) launched a search for the person who’d write the Peter Pan sequel, and in 2006 it was released. Peter Pan in Scarlet is a terrific read (and one of these days I’ll actually be able to get my hands on it, and until then I make due with the Google Books edition).

Quite Pretty, Isn't It?

Quite Pretty, Isn't It?

For those of you who don’t know, the basic plot is as follows: the Old Boys (those like the Darlings and the Lost Boys who were once in Neverland but returned) are dreaming of Neverland again. Peter needs them; it looks like the bombs from the Great War are tearing holes in the separation between the world and Neverland. They become children again by putting on their children’s clothes (Toodles only has daughters, so he becomes a girl). In fact, the book’s biggest theme revolves around the idea that clothes do (or don’t) make the man. Once in Neverland, they must help Peter, who is only interested in adventures. They are aided by an old circusmaster named Ravello. But is Ravello more than what he seems? And why is Peter behaving so strangely, since he found Captain Hook’s scarlet coat?

Well guess what? This delightful book is going to be made into a film! And its supposed to be coming out sometime this year. More after the jump.

According to this press release (and yes, I know its two years old, but no one tells me these things anyway), the movie is going to come out sometime in 2009, made by Headline Pictures, the UK Film Council and BBC Films. Another interesting thing from the article: this Geraldine McCaughrean has written more than 130 books for both children and adults. Good gravy! When does she eat? I suppose that if the kind of children’s books she writes are the 30 page-see-jane-run-go-jane-go kind of books with lots of pictures, then its possible, but still! In any, case she seems like a lovely lady; here’s a CBS video interview with her from forever ago, but its still very nice.

I’ve looked and looked, and found basically no Peter Pan in Scarlet film info.

All I can hope for (and I don’t think that its a vain or foolish hope) is that this film be better than the recent Tinker Bell film. Sheesh! That thing was terrible. I saw it. Yes. I bought the DVD. And I was ashamed of myself for days on end. Disney: why must you kill everything that I love? And why do you have to make three sequels?!

::Ahem:: Anyway, I have high hopes for this film. The book is really quite darling, and the BBC has a history of decent adaptations. Although it’ll be hard to top the 2003 adaptation of Peter Pan, which featured the always amazing Jason Isaacs as a (dare I say it?) sexy Captain Hook.

am I sexy, or does Dae just have strange taste in men?

So tell me: am I sexy, or does Dae just have strange taste in men?

Even those of us who study children’s literature need some eye candy once in a while.