Well my, my, my. Sammy the Magical Flying Pig is very, very far behind in the research.

We have received news (via Google, The Magical Portal of Dooooom), that Tori Amos is writing a musical version of The Light Princess! What a wonderful idea! And just in time for the Fantasic Fairy Tale Fridays posting of “The Light Princess” here on Lit.Scribbles! Well…right on time isn’t exactly the correct expression…considering how this news came out in July! But that’s Sammy’s fault. We have nothing to do with it.

Says Amos on the musical:

“It seems to be a full-time commitment,” she says of the musical. “I’ve never written for other people before. Writing for a company and researching their characters, understanding how they speak, working closely with the playwright … I’ve never experienced anything quite like it before. The collaboration process that I have when I’m making records is that the material is written and then you’re working on arrangements. With ‘The Light Princess,’ another scene might be written or added or changed, which then will mean that a completely different set of songs have to be written for that scene. I like to work, so I don’t mind how much work it takes. I’m not saying I’ll never write another one. I’m enjoying it. But if you’re writing a musical, you better like your collaborators. I happen to get along with them very well.”

Hang in there, Tori! We heart you! And let us know when then darned thing’s done!