Quick! Run over to YouTube before Disney finds this 15 second clip from its upcoming movie, Rapunzel. I’ve seen the still for this clip before, so I can promise you its authentic.

It’s our first audio/moving visual of the movie to date! And I have several things to say:

1. Of course she has an animal friend. As we’ve previously pointed out, it’s not a Disney film if the heroine doesn’t commune with nature.

2. Hmmmm…a fairy tale heroine who doesn’t believe in magic (at least at first). I like it! Maybe it’ll add some kind of interesting dynamic to the film. Fairy Tale characters (both in the classical canon and in Disney) tend to take magic as “selbstverstaendlich,” or a matter-of-course. Could be cool!

3. Please, Disney, please, hear my cry: don’t screw it up.

Rapunzel, do you have YouTube up there?

Rapunzel, do you have YouTube up there?

Also on YouTube: one of Disney’s execs asks New Orleans if they can have the premiere of “The Princess and the Frog.”

Seriously though, people: hurry and see this, because Disney took down another clip just the other day. The lawyers never sleep!