Okay, I take it back. A little ways back, I said that – with reference to The Brothers Grimm being comic-book villains – that I had seen it all.

I lied.

Exhibit A: “Fables.” What is Fables, you might ask? It’s a comic book, I answer. A rather successful one started in 2003. And, like everything else in this world, there is a very informative Wikipedia page about it.

Succinctly put, many popular fairy-tale, folk-tale, and mythological characters have formed a secret community in (where else?) New York City. Snow White, Rose Red, Cinderella, Bigby (aka The Big Bad) Wolf, Goldilocks and company are living among us! Get excited, folks! It also looks absolutely gorgeous:



But seriously. What an interesting concept for a story! And how wonderful that, for five years, the whole thing has been going along very successfully! Just think…all those people reading about fairy-tale characters. And loving it! The world is ours, biatches, ours for the taking!!!!

When it comes to fairy tales, I don’t believe in being an elitist. I think it’s so great that these tales are evolving into some seriously interesting comic books. I mean, check out the prequel to “Fables”: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, starring Snow White (or Snow) in a Scheherazade-like role. I like it! It’s wonky! It’s just what we need!

It also reels the brain, does it not? Five years it’s been here, and I haven’t even heard about it. It’s official: Sammy the Magical Flying Pig has not been up on his research. Probably had his nose in the tea again. I just can’t keep him away from that oolong.

And while we’re at it…are there any other fairy-tale-comic-like-things of which I am not aware? Is Hans Christian Andersen off somewhere, wearing a purple cape, stealing from the publishers and giving to the poets? Seriously. I would not even be surprised anymore.