Announcing Lit.Scribbles first-ever event: Fantastic Fairy Tale Fridays! See that shiny new tab in the navigation bar? Well, that tab is going to be updated every Friday with a brand new classic fairy tale. These tales will come from all traditions, collections and countries. The tales will not only be translated into English (by our Terrific Translation Team), but they will also have Courageously Cute Commentary!

I really shouldn’t be allowed to use alliterations. Courageously Cute Commentary is really the limit, isn’t it?

Our first post is “The Peasant’s Clever Daughter” (Die Kluge Bauerntochter), a tale by The Brothers Grimm. We blogged about it earlier in our September 29th, 2008 post about Carl Orff’s opera “Die Kluge.” So click the button, eat some chocolate, and enjoy a lovely, sweet, and snarky tale from waaaay back in 1857. A direct link can be found here.