The New York Times has a cutesy, kitschy article on the Fairy Tale Road. The Road is no real road at all, but a series of stops from Hanau (where Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were born) to Bremen (home of the famous fairy tale “The Brementown Musicians”).

Sure, it’s a tourist-trap, and sure, it’s not a real “Road,” but I actually do want to go there someday. Because, truth be told, there’s nothing quite like seeing the place where the Grimms and their work was born. My favorite part of the article is the following:

Right outside the village of Sababurg lies Dornröschenschloss Sababurg, Hofgeismar (tel. 05671/8080), a park and castle said to be the setting of the Sleeping Beauty legend. You’ll almost start to believe the tale when you see the Italianate turrets of the castle. The park is said to be the oldest zoological garden in the world. The wilderness of ancient oak and beech trees, along with the tall ferns, adds to the fairy-tale atmosphere of the area. In the castle courtyard, where sweet-smelling briar roses still bloom, you half expect to see the prince coming to awaken Sleeping Beauty. The castle here has an excellent restaurant.

The restaurant part just cracks me up…