Now I’ve really seen it all.

Apparently, The Brothers Grimm are…Marvel Comics Super Villains!

And have been since 1984. I wasn’t even born then!

The Brothers Grimm (as supervillains) were originally dolls used by a witch doctor. But one day, the witch-doctor traps his mind in the dolls. And they are alllllllliiiiiive! They’re called Jake and William Dolly (later they somehow turn into Percy and Barton. I’ll never understand this sort of thing…)

They’ve battled Spider-Woman and Captain America!

Sorry, I’m still reeling from this discovering. Apparently they have certain fairy-tale related super villain powers, like being able to produce nearly unbreakable thread, corrosive filled eggs, pies filled with blackbirds, paralytic “stardust”, and fast-growing bean seeds from their costumes. Let’s see…I don’t know about the first one, but the second one may be a reference to Fitchers Vogel (Fitcher’s Bird), the third is an English nursery rhyme (for the Grimms?!), the fourth could come from anything (Sterntaler?), and the fifth is another English fairy tale.

Apparently the research department was lazy.